How To Build Your Cash Buyer List & Get them to Buy Your Deals

The bigger your net the more it works. You want to build a big network, a large email list of cash buyers, lenders, wholesalers, and real estate agents that you can email and sms text broadcast your real estate deals to. Why? The bigger your list the faster your deals will get funded and/or sold. We have an Email and SMS broadcast system built right into FlipLogic. Imagine having a property under contract and with a push of a button generating the marketing and blasting it to tens, hundreds or even thousands of cash buyers, lenders, agents, and wholesalers instantly. It works so well that I recently sold a property in the very remote area of Borrego Springs, Ca to a Cash Buyer. It’s about an hour East of San Diego. It had been sitting on the market for 6 days at $195,000. We ran the numbers at $330,000 ARV, $69k Repairs, and made an offer of $145,000. The next week the seller had accepted our offer. I figured we may have a tough time finding a cash buyer for it because of its location, but proceeded to market it at $165,000. Within 48 hours of our marketing blast we had 3 buyers for it and sold it for $180,000. That’s a $35k profit with no cash or credit of my own. Our Net was $20k as it was an agent on our list who brought us the cash buyer in this case. Not bad.

Instant Cash Buyers

What if you don’t have a list of cash buyers? No problem. We have instant cash buyers nationwide. Have a deal? Youcan instantlyfindcash buyers that are buying in almostany area of your choosing.Simply run the “Find Instant Cash Buyers” in FlipLogic, call them to tell them about your deal and email blast them the property marketing package using a proven marketing template like the one I use in FlipLogic. Then add them to your cash buyer email list for future email broadcasts. Remember, this is still a phone and people game, so call them. I mean, how often do you give value to an email from someone you’ve never spoken to? Exactly. With that being said, Buyers are always eager to hear from anyone willing to bring them a GREAT deal that’s locked, loaded and ready to buy. Why? They have to spend marketing dollars, due diligence, time and energy to understand a deal and get it under contract. It cost them $0 marketing dollars and no time to get a deal from you. There is synergy between you and them. They want bargain real estate deals they can profit from and you are going to bring them wrapped up in a marketing email with a fully executed offer and lots of due diligence. They are going to L-O-V-E you! Cash buyers love smart real estate agents and investors. Package and present your deals with supporting data in a marketing email and they will continue to look forward to hearing from you and browse your deals time and time again.

Know What Your Cash Buyers Want

Ask your buyer for an example deal they’ve done recently and inquire as to what they are looking for in a property physically (location, condition, beds, baths, sqft) and financially (Price range, ROI, Net Profit, % of ARV less repairs, average repair budget/price per sqft). Also, how quickly can they remove contingencies and close? This will allow you to leverage and match their speed when you write your offers. Connect with as many of these cash buyersas possible on a first name basis and build rapport, so when you send them a deal they will pay close attention to it.

3 Ways to Drive Cash Buyers to Your Deal and Grow Your Buyers List

  1. Use the share/syndication feature in FlipLogic to instantly post a marketing ad of your property to 289+ social media, classifieds and other websites.
  2. Run a Instant Cash Buyer search in FlipLogic. Call and Email blast your deal.
  3. Check the nearby sold comps supporting your ARV in FlipLogic. Were any of them sold twice within 12 months? If so that's a flip. Check title to see who flipped it. Google search or skip trace that flipper’s name in the chain of title, call them, and get the deal emailed over to them.

How To Leverage Other Peoples Cash Buyer List

FlipLogic has a feature called “Best Match Buyer”, which pulls from your buyers list and alerts you of other users whose buyers list may have a best match buyer for your deal based upon geography, buying history, etc. Also, there are manyhard money lenders, real estate agents and wholesalers who have their own large lists of buyers and investors. Theymay have just the buyer for your property, so there is value in connecting with them. This is why it’s always productive to have lenders, agents and wholesalers on your email list for a property marketing blast. I always ask for them to add their fee/commission to my asking price and if they cannot or if it comes in less than we will come to an agreement. Whichever amount you agree to will need to be written as a fee agreement you can both approve and place in escrow for disbursement. That Fee Agreement generates in FlipLogic and you can have it FREE NOW at

Hope this helps.

Be well,

Ryan Kirk

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