6 Ultimate Hacks You’ll Ever Need to Find Motivated Sellers – [ Formula Inside ]

Here are the top 6 ways, 9 lists and 54 keywords to get motivated sellers coming to you.

  1. Direct Mail.
    • Who should you target?
      1. Vacant
      2. Out of State Owners
      3. Probate
      4. Notice of Default
      5. Notice of Trustee Sale
      6. Divorce
      7. Eviction
      8. Property Tax Default
      9. Estate Sale
      10. Death Certificates
    • What criteria should you target?
      1. Minimum 40% Equity/60% LTV to Free and Clear
      2. SFR, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, small multi-family apartments
      3. Older Homes of 20 years or older
      4. 850 Sq Ft minimum
      5. 2 bed and 1 bath minimum
      6. Good Neighborhoods.
      7. Zip codes with high volume of all cash transactions
      8. Zip codes with Active sales being 1/3rd or less of all CMA activity for Active, Pending, Sold
      9. Good school districts
    • How should you take inbound calls?
      1. Use a 1-888-Cash-Offer ext. (your assigned extension #) forwarding to your office phone number, a cell phone, or even better a Live Call Center.
      2. I recommend forwarding those calls to a 24/7 Live Call Center at www.patlive.com or www.voicenation.com. They’ll take the calls and fill out the online lead sheet on your website www.1888cashoffer.com/you with the seller information for you. It flows into our CRM, FlipLogic, and you’re ready to work it.
    • What direct mail pieces and services should you use?
      1. Handwritten looking postcards in FlipLogic. They have a 100% open rate and cost less than a letter.
      2. Use our Direct Mail Campaign for pulling a mailing list, 3rd party print production, 3rd party postage and 3rd party mail out. Your time should not be spent printing, licking, and sticking mail.
      3. Mail a minimum of 250-2,000 pieces, 3-8 times per list, over 6-8 weeks or once every 2 weeks.
  2. Facebook Ads. Facebook has become a platform with a much older demographic, which is perfect for generatingmotivated seller leads. Use your 1888cashoffer.com/you website to run a Facebook Ads campaign to motivated sellers.
  3. Real Estate Agents. REALTORS® can become one of your most powerful sources of repeat business and it costs you $0 in marketing. Give agents your time, build rapport, provide your Proof of Funds and Buying criteria. When you start a transaction with an agent it’s good to keep them in the loop on communications. There is a sharing feature in FlipLogic, so every time you send/receive a document, add a note, etc., you can choose to have that send/share by an email alert to the real estate agent, closing agent, title rep, the seller, lender, or cash buyer. You are now simultaneously getting work done on the file, updating the file, and updating any party you want updated on that activity/communication. This will save you time, keep you organized on all file activity, and make you look like an all-star because communication is a key to success in this business.
  4. Craigslist.org - For Sale By Owner. One of my favorite lead types because they are easy to negotiate with, are motivated to sell, and want to save realtor commissions and closing fees. The key with this lead type is Law of Reciprocity. If I do you a solid of paying all cash, paying all closing costs, and closing on the date of your choice, then what is the lowest price you can do for me? The Second key is Talladega Nights. “If you’re not first, then you’re last.” You’ve got to reach out and come to an agreement quickly. What price will it take to wrap it up today? Best way to be first is to setup a Craigslist Campaign that scans for new fixer and motivated seller property posts every 3 minutes within FlipLogic. This will allow you to be first to the deal and not have to scour the internet or drive by properties to find them.

  5. MLS. There is more competition on the MLS, but the deals are there if you move quickly. The 3 keys to quickly finding motivated sellers and fixers on the MLS are:
    1. Recognizing if the asking price is below the average price per sqft for the area. This should indicate it’s a fixer.
    2. Listing history
      1. Just listed
      2. Back on Market
      3. Price Reduction
    3. Filtering by keywords that indicate motivation or needed repairs:

      Below market value
      Cash Offer
      Cash Only
      Cosmetic Fixer
      Fast sale
      Fire Damage
      Fixer Upper
      Foundation Issues
      Foundation Problems 
      Handy Man
      Lots of Potential
      Lots of Work
      Major Fixer

      Mold Damage
      Mold Issue
      Mold Issues
      Must Sell
      Needs Fixing
      Needs Repair
      Needs Work
      Opportunity Knocks
      Quick sale
      Sold “As Is”
      Sold For Land Value 
      Structural Damage
      Tear Down
      Termite Damage
      Under market value
      Unfinished Construction 
      Water Damage
      Will Not Qualify

      FlipLogic has Instant Seller Leads which allows you to run a campaign that will search for all 3. Other mainstream resources like the MLS or Zillow do not. This will allow you to focus on only properties that will make you money, save you hours of aimless searching and get to more deals before your competition.
  6. Bandit Signs. Hang them in neighborhoods and intersections with your phone and website to drive sellers to call. You will also get calls from other buyers, agents, and wholesalers wanting to sell you houses or be added to your buyers list.

Hope this helps.

Be well,

Ryan Kirk

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