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Written by Ryan Kirk this book is meant to help anyone launch, grow and scale their house flipping business.

Inside You Will Learn:

1. How To Start & Grow Your House Flipping Business In A Hurry!

2. How To Flip Your First House In 30 Days!

3. How To Get 100% Financing With Proof Of Funds!

4. How To Find Motivated Sellers, Cash Buyers, Lenders, Realtor And Get Them Calling You!

5. How To Flip Houses Nationwide In Any Condition, Any Price Range And Any location With No License, No Cash, No Credit And No Fixing By Simply Flipping Houses To Cash Buyers, Landlords And Developers!

6. How To Determine A Home's Value In 10 Minutes Or Less!

7. How To Estimate Repairs In 10 Minutes Or Less!

8. How To Make A Fair Market Offer Without Seeing The Property And Never Overpay!

9. How To Negotiate Dead Deals Into Dollars!

10. How To Sell Your Houses Within 72 Hours To Cash Buyers and Get Paid In 14 Days!